It is very important that motorists get their wheels aligned to maximize the life of their tires as much as possible.  Tires that have not been aligned properly are more prone to excessive tire wear and will result in you having to change your tires a lot more regularly.

When your tires are not aligned, it can also put your safety at risk. ¬†Improper alignment of the vehicle’s wheels will also result in poor cornering and handling of your vehicle and this will make it less safe for the driver and its passengers, especially in icy and wet conditions.


It is importance that all of your tires are balanced as when they are not, you will start to feel vibrations when travelling at certain speeds and this is very dangerous for the driver and its passengers.

You will need tire balancing as soon as you purchase new tires for your vehicle. This process is performed in order to ensure that all of the tires are balanced with the wheel weights to ensure the smooth running of each of the tires.

When there is an imbalance in your tires, the steering wheel will rock back and forth as you drive, especially when you drive at a certain speed. When you notice this happening, you should contact Automotive Experts to fix the problem straight away as it can be very dangerous to drive with imbalanced tires.